We are currently accepting external applications for bachelor units only.

Download an application form here.

Application Process

At the Alexander Street Housing Co-op, we are a community of volunteers. We have very limited office staff support so you might not get a response right away. We accept Membership applications and inquiries via email and by physical mail (638 Alexander St. Vancouver BC V6H 3X9).

No Subsidy

Unfortunately, we do not have any subsidy dollars available at this time. We are not able to accept any new Members who would require subsidies.


If you qualify for Membership, the Membership Committee will contact you for an interview. At your interview, you will learn more about the expectations and responsibilities of Membership. Here you will also learn more about our Co-op and be able to ask any questions that you may have.

Interview Dates

Times for interviews are based on when your application is received*. This way members have plenty of notice and can attend if they like and the applicants know what day they need to keep open if selected for an interview.

Jan-Mar, 2nd Saturday in April 9am-12pm
Apr-Jun, 2nd Wednesday in July 6pm-9pm
Jul-Sept, 2nd Saturday in October 9am-12pm
Oct-Dec, 2nd Wednesday in January 6pm-9pm

For example, if your application was received on July 17th you should book off the 2nd Saturday in October in case you are called for an interview

*In some situations, we might need to hold interviews earlier to fill a unit.

After your interview, you will be notified if your Membership application has been approved. If approved, your application will be placed on our wait list.

Wait List

No phone calls, please. Please do not call and ask what is your position on our wait list or when you can expect a unit. Some applicants may wait for years before they are offered a unit – others may only wait a few months. Unit availability depends on our vacancy rate and how many approved applicants are on the wait list.

When a unit becomes available we start at the top of the approved wait list and in a progressive manner, continue down the list until a suitable applicant is available. Often, when a unit becomes available, many applicants have already found other housing. Therefore your position on the waitlist can move ahead quickly. While you are on the waiting list, please remember to keep your application up-to-date. Let us know of any changes, be it address, phone number, or income changes. Please submit any changes through the contact form.

Alexander Street Co-op consists of:

  • Bachelor
  • housing charge: $825
  • share purchase: $1,000
  • 38 units
  • 4 wheelchair accessible units
  • 1 Bedroom:
  • housing charge: $918
  • share purchase: $1,300
  • 13 terrace units
  • 2 bedroom:
  • housing charge: $1,011
  • share purchase: $1,500
  • 5 terrace units
  • 1 wheelchair accessible unit

Share Purchases are a one-time fee upon accepting membership into the Co-op and obtaining a unit. If you choose to leave the Co-op, provide the correct amount of notice, and leave your unit in good repair for the next Member your full Share Purchase will be returned to you.

Updated and current as of October 26th, 2020